Free falling.

A plane blown out of the sky; and the future becomes evermore unstable. Dread lies shallow in reflective hearts. Hate justifiably rises. Little things don’t seem to matter as much.

But hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that, for love enflames the ordinary, if you let it. Hope grows in open hearts and peace promises prosperity. It begins with forgiveness.

Words, however noble, remain empty if not lived. And courage is personified when the challenge is greatest.

The challenge is before us now. Will we hate and continue the free fall into despair, or will we be open to what love can do? Whatever you decide, and we all decide (indecision is a decision not to act), it starts with the seemingly little things that don’t matter that much.

Love that little bit more. Put more effort in life. Live love intentionally. Hope begins with you; forgiveness begins with you; the future is with you. Rise to the challenge – we don’t have to live in hate.


Come Holy Spirit: a reflection on Pentecost

Come Holy Spirit!
We still abide in a darkened place in need of your light.
Enflame us with your presence so that we may reflect your radiance.

Come Holy Spirit!
We are in need but there is isolation, division and hate in the world.
May your living water be the source of all nourishment quenching the thirsts of all people.

Come Holy Spirit!
We still seek comfort.
May your breath of life give us the courage to encounter the world anew.

Christmas Finishes

When all the gifts are opened,
And friends and family fed,
When things return to normal,
And you’re lying in your bed,
When shops offer their discounts,
Leave you spinning in your head,
Remember Christ our Saviour
Lies in his makeshift bed.

He came to offer all some peace
And grace, for all are lost:
A peace never seen before,
And grace without a cost.
His birth is an example –
Calm in a world rough tossed.
His death, too, an example,
As he embraced the cross.

His birth for us a prelude;
For this is why he came:
For when he hung covered in blood
He took upon his name
All our sins committed,
We will never be the same.
So, when your Christmas finishes
Still glorify his name!