Choose you this day…

It’s election day in Australia. This election, like that in America, will have no winners. I mean, one candidate will win but the people of Australia will lose. We might as well be voting for either Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum. 

It seems hard when options are limited. It’s hard when little by little things dear to you are denied and restrictions become tighter. I don’t claim it to be anything like that in countries in the Middle East, in Northern Africa or in some parts of Asia – for such are the differences in culture – but nonetheless a slow decline in standards continues here as in much of the West. 

It is said that some people hope for  the things we take for granted, and it’s true. It is said because we in the West don’t seem to appreciate what we have. Our disposable country sees a high level of consumerism blended with a shallow yearning for the newest or the or latest. 

But it’s not just “things” that we need to appreciate: it’s life, freedom, family, employment opportunities, equity, dignity, security, stability, education, and so, so much more. Yet many of these things in one way or another will become lessened with the change of government. How can someone balance this up? How can one favour employment opportunities over education? Or equity over life? And stability!? Both governments have contributed to the sacking of Prime Ministers continuing to make a mockery of this political system. But despite its many failings and the failures of those within it the system largely works. This too we need to appreciate. 

When shining beacons dim, when the polish of greatness begins to stain, when the vibrancy of life well lived begins to fade, and all that makes a country great is threatened by those who lead it, hope begins to evaporate. But all is not lost. 

Today is Election Day, compulsory here. And so I must make a choice. Chose you this day whom you wish to lead you. As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord. 


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