The State of Play

Evil in the world is spreading. It’s many forms prowl around us like lions. Yet not too many people are aware of all the goings on and the threats to Christianity: Protestant, Catholic, Coptic, and many Orthodox churches. 

The way I see it there are three great shifts: the rise and rise of ISIS (this one is well spotted internationally but the wars are not working, a new approach is required but no one has any fresh ideas and of course freedom of religion is brutally decapitated in the meantime), the feeble yet popular rainbow serpent – as I have liked calling it now (the new enforced orthodoxy of LGTB… whatever, whose current flagship is gay marriage but will quickly decline into more forms of sexual “freedoms” but not religious freedom), and the third is the sleeping giant of Russia. 

The Russian government and religious ties are tight. While the military is the strong arm of power Russian Orthodoxy is the soft arm of power, and the two have been working very well for at least a century. Of course all Orthodox Churches are nationalistic and where the country grows so does its religion. The converse is true too and this plays into Russian hands. But the Russian flavour of orthodoxy is also poison for those who are perceived as heretics – American Protestants first, but also Lutheran, Catholic, Anglican et. al. These do not directly promote Russia’s agenda and therefore need suppression. There has been a history to support this, but has there been enough change to refute it? 

Perhaps I’m sounding alarmist or like a conspiracy theorist. But there are changes afoot. A Third World War? Perhaps. But we must cling close to Christ. Under his direction all will be well. Whatever brand of Christianity they are coming for us. And when the wolves are at the door feuding brothers unite for the good of the house. Be strong brothers. 


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