Where have you been?

Boo. I’m back. Did you miss me? Probably not. No doubt life pushed on with its ongoing demands as each one of responds in the best way we know how. If you’re like me it is usually too late to have done anything of any great impact and promise to do better when the next opportunity arises: it’s the old, “I should have(said/done/thought/been) this”; the endless “If only’s”. Since I last wrote much has occurred in my life, as is usually the case. In a quiet 15 minutes before I leave for mass I have chosen to (finally) blog a little and provide a reason behind my absence. For sympathy? No. For justification? Perhaps. But more for understanding. It would be great if I could tell you I’ve been on sabbatical at some exotic destination (Rome I consider exotic).  But alas. We have been consumed selling a house (deciding to build a new one), and moving house. Anyone who has done this will understand that quite some time is taken in preparing a house for sale and the decisions required in building a new one. As recent as last Monday the family car was involved in fairly serious single vehicle crash. Thank God everyone walked out with no more than a bruise. Yesterday we bought a new one (a second hand one but new to us). I have also started writing a book (does that make me an author or does being published make me one?). My eldest son has entered high school and is doing very well. Amid a house of unopened boxes and a busy kitchen bench I hope to do better over the next chapter of life. As routine begins to re-establish itself I hope I can blog on a regular basis as used to before, perhaps more so. I hope I can say I will do better next time, but my failed human nature will likely prevent me. That, and laziness.


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