But Jesus died that Friday! Why is it “Good”?

Most of us live to a certain standard, a way of life that we hope others could appreciate, summed up in The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do to you. In one form or another this sentiment is found in all major religions and is in effect the underlying moral guide. Yet despite its subjectivity this is frequently and easily breached. 

The objective moral standard of God founded first in the Ten Commandments then lived in the person of Jesus makes breaching this tougher standard more likely. Add to the equation our fallen nature and, hey presto, we have a moral challenge with every decision every day. 

But this moral deterioration is not inevitable. Nor is it permanent. The model of moral living is the life of Jesus, yet he is more than mere exemplar. By his sacrifice on the crucifix he became the means through which our shortcomings are purified, perfected, or purged. 

Because of his self-sacrifice we have been made clean, we have been made whole, and what has been left short and wanting in our moral choices has now been made up. This is just the beginning of his making all things new. This is why this day is “Good”.