Comforting Majesty

Last night I attended a men’s ministry night. Unfortunately there was some tension at home before I left. Things were made right but this sort of stuff lingers.

On the way to the event I prayed that the Lord help and comfort both the family, at home, and I, going out. Less than a minute after this impromptu prayer I turned a corner and saw the sunset.

I’m a lover of sunsets. I remember Mum taking photos of sunsets when I was a young child (she loved the beach sunsets particularly). And there are some rippers around here at certain time of the year! The one this night was not especially spectacular in colour nor glorious in its location. But it hit me.

The impact of it was profound. It was one of those sunsets where the sunrays shone brightly through dark clouds and came down as a glare. It was almost like a black and white sunrise – quite unusually monochromatic. And very majestic. On seeing this I knew all was going to be OK. I mean, I knew it would be but this was reinforced profoundly.

Driving into the light I knew I had to pray a rosary in thanksgiving.

To reinforce once again that this was meant to be, after the rosary (and I like to finish it with a hymn) there was a truck, which… well… It was a tow truck. But this sort of truck is different from your standard tow truck which has a frame, a pulley and a hook. This truck uses a fixed beam to slide under the car to raise it and a cross beam to lock behind the front wheels. When not in use, the assembly folds up so as not to protrude out the back. The result was at the back of the truck was a cross which was painted a stark white. I’m not sure if it was intentional, by I’ve no doubt that God intended for me to see it. Glory to God!

For the record the evening went well. I was able to keep my mind on the present and not the past or the future. And when I arrived home all was well – smiles and cuddles on the couch. It is not the end of it but the mood had greatly softened and has given the space to address the issue properly.


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