The Sign of the Cross

I was disgusted this morning to find in my news feed a video of a satanic monument being erected at New York (I think). It depicted satan with a bearded goat’s head on a human body, with added wings, and at his feet a few children in awe. There was also a place to sit at his feet, presumably for reflection and contemplation, just in case you’re not evil enough.

Supporters of the monument claim that if others can have a statue (such as a crucifix or a plaque of the Ten Commandments) then they should be allowed to erect one of satan. Those professing equality surely would have nothing to complain about then.

As I was driving the other day I saw a crucifix alone atop a church. There was nothing extraordinary about it; it’s just that it jumped out at me. I am reminded of the “glory days” of decades gone by where churches on every corner openly displayed the crucifix. Perhaps it just me or where I live, but I don’t distinctly remember a modern church displaying a crucifix publically. I’m sure there is but, as I said, I don’t distinctly remember.

There is an opportunity here, particularly with the feast of the exaltation of the cross looming. The glory days behind us, the world is filled all the more with indifference, mediocrity and at worst vitriol. The cross – a contradictory sign of the love of God – becomes the beacon of fidelity. Whether it is on a church or around a neck it becomes more urgent to display the cross. God (and the devil) do not reside in statues. The cross becomes a sign, a powerful sign, but only a sign; it is not the destination. God is the destination: the cross actively points the way to him.


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